cnPilot Frictionless WiFi live session

Find out about new WiFi solutions that are fast provide fast connectivity, easy to deploy and affordable. Register for our live session on May 16, 2017 HERE. Post your questions and comments to this thread.


Post any questions you would like asked in the session to this thread

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Today's sessions will be streamed live to facebook and Youtube at 10am CDT and 8pm CDT.

We are using cloud version of cnMaestro using public ip's with restricted IP's access for security in the access point. 

With this set up  we cant add any of our traditional PMP450i and PMP450 to the cloud due to the ever changing IP sets that are utalized by the cloud.

Any chance we could get a dedicatd ip range for the cloud.

cnMaestro Cloud doesn't support a dedicated IP range. The On-Premises version could be an option: it is released as an OVA and can be installed in a data center with a static IP address.


You can view the recording here. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.


Hi, sorry I missed the webinar.

Is there a link where I can vew it.

Hi Team,

sorry, I did not check well.

I have seen the youtube link.

Here are the slides from the presentation


Regarding the Autopilot.

Which AP's will support thisf eature.

Will the E400 and E500 also be able to run this or not as the main controller?


All Enterprise class of cnPilot APs: E400, E500, E501S, E410, E600 will support this feature. There are no restricted SKUs or licenses to take advantage of this feature

Is there a full presentation including all the new range of the WiFi products?


Hi - The best place to get the latest information including case studies, white papers, and spec sheets is the web site, you can also view some short videos on the individual products there too. You can find them at 

Are these new models shipping out now?

The E501S is shipping now. The E410 and E600 are shipping this summer.

more specifically - The E410  will be availabel at distribution by July 1st or 2nd week. The E600 by Late July.

Thanks for the Reply.

Do we have a date when Autopilot will be released?