cnPilot Home AP: How to keep the device online on the cnMaestro when it is configured in bridge mode


This article demonstrates configuration of cnPilot Home AP (R200x/R201x/R190x) in bridge mode which helps to connect the AP to cnMaestro and stays online.

What is Bridge mode?

Bridge mode is a service that the routers has. If the network is setup to have two routers connected back to back or has double NAT it can cause issues inside the network. The bridge mode solves double NAT issue by bridging traffic from LAN/WLAN to WAN and user will be able to access internet. In bridge mode, LAN/WLAN users will get IP assigned from the DHCP server which is in upstream network of the router. Local DHCP server on the router will be disable in bridge mode.


If we take Out of Box/ Factory Reset cnPilot Home AP, it has single WAN interface configured with service “Management_Voice_Internet” in NAT mode. If we need to configure AP in bridge mode, we need to change WAN IP mode to “Bridge”. We will face two issues as below. It’s because, WAN interface will not get option to configure static IP address or DHCP client in bridge mode with multi WAN configuration.

  • AP will go offline or will not contact the cnMaestro.
  • We can’t access AP UI from upstream network.

Default configuration: AP will come online on the cnMaestro.

Configuration change to Bridge Mode on default AP: AP will go offline or will not contact/on-board to the cnMaestro.

AP will try to keep resolving URL; However, it will never connect to the cnMaestro as no IP assigned to WAN interface in the bridge mode.

There are two possible solutions to keep device online on cnMaestro & management it from WAN network when router configured with bridge mode.

Solution 1: Create separate management interface in NAT mode.

From AP UI, navigate to Network>WAN and create two WAN interfaces as below.

WAN interface 1 - Bridge mode with Internet & voice services.

WAN interface 2 - NAT mode with the Management service.

AP will get IP address on the Management WAN interface and come online on the cnMaestro using Management IP address configured on WAN interface 2.

Solution 2: Change Operating Mode of the AP to “Basic Mode” and configure WAN interface in bridge mode.

Navigate to Administration>Operating Mode from AP UI. Set Operating Mode to “Basic Mode” and Save the configuration. Then, navigate to Network>WAN and configure WAN interface WAN IP Mode “DHCP” & LAN Connection Mode “Bridge”. In Basic mode, multi WAN configuration is not supported and the device can be configured either as a simple NAT or Bridge. This solution is not recommended where multi WAN interface need to configure.

AP will get IP on WAN interface and come online on the cnMaestro.


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