Cnpilot offline frequently


We are using Cnpilot e410 and e600 devices on our network. We are facing unusual issue since few weeks that all devices goes offline frequently and won’t work. Do you ever face same issue ?

What do you mean by 'goes offline frequently'? Do the AP's stop transmitting on one or both bands? Do they just turn off? Do they power cycle? How are you powering them? Do you have this onboarded into cnMaestro? What firmware are you running on these?

In any case, I use an E600 as my main AP at my house with a dozen or more devices on both bands and I never have issues with it. I work from home and my wife is on the internet all the time, and we're both very sensitive to outages/issues and we would have noticed an issue like this quickly.

Hi Eric,

We have managed 10 Cnpilot devices on our network via cnMaestro with single SSID on dual mode and using latest version of firmware. All devices are on single vlan with static IP address. We can ping and access devices when it works perfectly but when it goes offline or out of reach, we can’t access , ping and browse the internet.

We have used other vendor’s wireless device s with same cloud features on same network and vlan but there is no issue but having frequent issue on cnPilot devices. Please share your experience if you faced such issue before.

Does all cnPilot devices go offline same time or in general few of them keep going offline once a while. What's the current frequency of the AP's going offline? How are you powering your 10 AP's? Are they spread across multiple locations or in the same building/floor?

If all of them are going offline at the same time, this would seem to me that there's some sort of upstream networking issue... maybe your upstream router and/or ISP is having issues? When you're onsite, and you're connected to an AP, and this issue happens, are the AP's all still broadcasting? Are you still connected to the AP? if you assign yourself an IP in the mgmt range of the AP, can you still ping them?

Hi Kunal,
All AP goes offline together every few minutes. All APs are on same vlan and subnet. i have raised ticket and provided remote access to cambium support team and waiting their reply. It would be very helpful if you have any  solution to resolve issue on fast track.

Eric ,

It’s not upstream issue because we have another 10 Grandstream 7610 APs which never go offiline even they are also on same subnet and vlan.

I can't ping and access device via mgmt local ip when they goes offline.

Are you seeing this on both e410 and e600 or one of the models? Also, do they intermittently go offline or are all going offline at the same time? How are they powered up (switch or PoE injectors)?

Lastly, when they go offline do they come back on their own or do you have to reboot them to re-establish connectivity to cnMaestro?

Hi Firefly,
We have used PoE adopter and connected it’s lan on switch with access port. They (e410 and e600) go offline on same time and need to reboot them to establish connection again. I have shared techsupport file to Cambium support team and waiting their reply with solution.