cnPilot R series bug workarounds, performance tweaking.

Any updates? Installed a W190r yesterday and experienced multiple devices at a clients house only able to pull 3 meg. Exactly 3 meg. No queuing, nothing turned on. We played with all the settings mentioned above, no change. Our Toughbook connected wirelessly pulled the 12 meg package they client is paying for. Pulled it every time. Finally tech pulled out a TP-Link and the 3 meg issue disappeared. We did try latest release firmware and several others. Same results. Interference in the house is fairly high, but standing 3-6 feet from the router, interference should not an issue.

The R190w is connected to a F300-16 which is linked to the tower epmp 3000. SM can pull well over 100 meg every time you test it, so it is not the connection.

can you share your config and results with us ? How much do you get on the LAN port ? A screen shot of the rf scan may also help. Have you tried switching channel manually to something better ?


Have you noticed any improvements?

I haven’t had any issues with the latest firmware 4.7.3-r21. Appears to be good on the R195W.

Update firmware → factory reset → reconfigure router → leave everything on defaults except the below:

  1. Turn off dns proxy, AntiDos-P and IP conflict detection.
  2. Set Mss Value(1260-1460) to 1460 but leave on auto (really not sure if this actually helps, but in some instances I achieved better throughput with Mss Mode manual).

Afterthought: For AntiDos-P and IP conflict detection, it may be fine to have only one turned on but I haven’t tested. Manually specify your DNS service in the LAN config.

We’ve upgraded about 10 or so routers to 4.7.3-r21. No new issues so far. It seemed to fix bouncing Ethernet port in 1 instance. However, we still have slow speeds on Ethernet ports. Get 150M on Wi-Fi but never more than about 50M on an Ethernet port.

I’ll test the speed from lan, but have never had ports flap. If you’re only getting 50meg on LAN, check your MTU’s. Also check port speed on sm, router wan and lan connection.

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