Cnpilot r190 keeps disconnecting users

Have 2x R190W units deployed, latest firmware applied. iPhone and windows laptop gets disconnected randomly, when trying to reconnect - errors returned “cant connect”, logs in AP show very little, nothing on the device side - requires a hard reboot of AP to reconnect. Anybody able to shed light, tech support has been unable to,

Hi ,
Can you let us know ?

Which firmware version are you using ?
How many clients have you connected ?
After reboot , how long before you start seeing issue again ?
How is interference from other SSID ?
Please share syslog /techsupport from the time you observed issue and also configuration file to my mail id .


Has there been any fixes for this. This seems to be an ongoing issues for a long time.

I have r190v units doing the same. Firmware 4.7.2 R10
It disconnects the wireless often. sometimes every 15 to 30 minutes.
Then it does, says it can’t connect. Even though it can see the ssid. Says can’t connect.
While this is happening I am talking to the customer on the phone plugged into the Voip port.
So the internet doesn’t drop as the phone doesn’t cut out. Just the Wifi drops off and won’t reconnect, unless AP is rebooted. Then reconnects fine.

Units connected Asus Notebook, Apple cellphones x 3, Samsung Tablet, couple of other random Notebooks,

Hi ,
Can you raise a ticket with cambium support ? We will like to debug the issue in your setup .Above issue was due to configuration issue and , we have fixed it.