cnPilot R190W

I have a cnpilot r190W . The level 7 company installed it for us. We moved to a new house and we tried to get them to come and install and they can't because of the lockdown.  Everything is in the right place. The system lights flashes I don't know if it's supposed to do that. Please help

Yes, When router is powered up . LED lights  will flash.

See the attached Image for LED behaviour on R190. Also, you can refer attached user guide .



Thank you for the help but still isn't working. It says no internet .

Hi ,

Can you log a ticket on our support site ? We will debug it.



I did it now. Please help. Thank you

If using cnMaestro, run the WiFi Analayzer for the router. You should see any conlficting AP's there. Change the channel manually. Devices such as Roku's will purposefully take the same channel as other WiFi. When the R190's experience really bad interference the DNS Proxy seems to turn off. So best turn off the DNS proxy and manually assign the DNS for DHCP.

Check this for other info.


Is your issue resolved? If not can you check if a laptop connected to the LAN port of the R190W can get IP and or internet ? 

Is you WAN connection good, and connected properly to the R190W WAN port ?