cnPilot R201P DHCP issue after upgrade firmware version 4.4.2-R2


I have an issue after upgrade to firmware version  4.4.2-R2 configuration which worked before update does not work after upgrade to this version.

Client devices can't connect to router lan, (DHCP is enabled on router). Even when static IP is set on Client devices.

I can access to the device over the management VLAN but client cant obtain IP at all.

I perform factory reset and start basic setup from scratch. I accesed admin page over WiFi connection but after I set up WAN (NAT) and reboot device I can't obtain IP address and connect to the router at all.

MAC address on devices is from old series starting with 00:04:56:


Does anyone faced similar problem?

Can someone post the link for download some earlier version of firmware because official download page only alow to download R4.4.1 which also do not work.


Please send device configuration and platform details(Email or create a support ticket and send the support ticket number. The above information will help us to investigate the behaviour.

 We will send  the  old image if you are using the device with Old MAC(00:04:56:xx:xx:xx)



Hi Igor Pekic,

 Wish you Happy New Year ! .

 From your Configuration we can see that port was  was not mapped o any of the wan profile .Could you map lan ports or wireless ssids(whichever is necessary) to WAN profile  as shown in screenshot attached . All clients will get DHCP IP on 4.4.2-R2 . Please revert back if you encounter any issue . 



We have one client with the same isuue. All the ports are mapped and we can see in the syslog the link to the LAN3 port going up and down. Also noticed the WAN port is running at 10MFull, not sure if it was that way before.

Not sure if this is related to original isuue or just co-incidence.

Will downgrade it to 4.4.1 now and will see if that changes anything.

Any possibility of getting older firmware to try?

Could you send us your config. Are you facing dhcp issue on the client connected to port LAN3 . What is the other device connected to WAN Port . Is the Port settings proper on both WAN port of  R201 and other device 

Since the downgrade there have been no issues.

No issues oon the WAN port which is connected to a cable modem. Yes all the ports are bridged. The LAN3 port kept flapping before. Since it is not now I assume it is not the device connceted to it.

Here is the config file.

I loaded your config and upgraded onto 4.4.2-R2 . I am not seeing any issues . Could  you let us know the mac address of your router . Also if ssh is accessible can you send us the output of "ps -ef"  .Which version did you upgrade to 4.4.2 . Could you open a support ticket for this