cnPilot Software Release 4.2.3-r2

Noticed this was published early today, no release notes on the download page or in the forum however.

Is it recommended to use this release over the previously published ver 6 software?

Thank you.

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Ver 6 got a lot of issues. From my side not recommended to use 6. Try to use 4.2.3.

You can find release note in the “docs section”:


I agree that 6.x feels “rough”. Almost beta quality. It’s also relatively new firmware branch where several subsystems have clearly been rewritten from scratch, and then the whole thing back-ported from XV-series to e-series. So I’m willing to give it a little time to mature. In the meantime, the release of 4.2.3 is a clear signal that Cambium is continuing to develop and support both firmware lines on the e-series in parallel…at least until 6.x is proven to be stable.

There is one very important feature in 6.x for IPv6 users that makes me want to switch to 6.x as soon as possible, though: the “ipv6-router-advertisement-unicast” feature. (As well as actual support for MLD snooping in general, while 4.x firmware only supports IGMP as far as I can tell.)

And of course, if you are using XV-series units, you have no choice: you must use 6.x

Thank you! I will be sure to check that section in the future.