cnPilot Throughput as a Firewall

Hey guys,

I'm curiuos if anyone has information showing throughput results for these devices. We currently deploy Fortinet and Sonicwall but the cnPilot makes sense for a small business that isn't as focused on security. Any throughput and firewall info would be great.

Thanks in advance!


I understand the R200 uses hardware NAT. I've been testing them recently with good results.

On a defaulted R200 with v4.1 firmware, one-way TCP connections are testing at the line rate (~97 Mbps) running around 8000 PPS. UDP connections run at the line rate for 1500 byte packets, and peak around 25 Mbps with 64 byte packets (~38,000 PPS).

I have not experimented with custom firewall settings. I'll plan to post more detailed information once I get my R201.

Thanks, Chris


Hi Chris,

Thanks for Posting this information.