cnPilot Tools>Debug log, and tech support dump need improvement

Crossposting this in the cnPilot forum.

I'm on Maestro 2.1.0-r22 OnPrem. Troubleshooting why a few R190W's with 4.4.2 aren't provisioning using Option 66 like all my other R series routers.....that's fine. I'm just having problems with the log files.

In Tools>Debug, I can start a log capture. It is only showing a snippet of the log file. How can I see more in Maestro? The Packet Capture works great, but the Logs are worthless here.

Same story with the TechSupport File download. I upgraded firmware, and when downloading a new TechSupport File, it doesn't contain any lines from after the firmware upgrade and bootup sequence.

Please look into why these logs aren't working properly, it's making things rather difficult to troubleshoot properly.