cnREACH not connecting to cnMaestro anymore

Since Version 2.2.0-r60 our cnREACH is not able to connect to back to our cnMaestro on-premise service. They were about to before. Reboot the device did change that also. Addictional when i go to Application > Settings under "Automatically Update Device Software" There is no cnREACH listed either. I also can not change the "Account Type" from Industrial Internet to Access and Backhaul. 

The only thing i can think of that i havn't tried is deleted them and re onboarding them.

Anyone else having this issues?

Do you have any logs from the cnreach device?


The cnReach is saying "cnMaestro account does not support this device type"

I'm not sure where logs are on the cnReach.

I am thinking the Maestro is saying its on Industiul but really not.

Can you please check your application->settings page and check your current account type. cnReach is supported only on Industrial Internet account type.

I said in the 2 message above, the account is saying Industrial Internet. I can not change it do the cnREACHs onboarded onto cnMaestro already.

OK can you please send me your cambiumID via private message.

This is on premises, not cloud


I had sent a private message, could you please check and update?


We are having the same issue with our on premise cnmaestro and a cnreach.

Is there a fix for this?


Hello Vincent Support,

Can you please provide few more details like

1. Account type of your On premises instance?

2. cnMaestro version and cnReach software version?



I removed all my cnreach devices. changed or normal account... changed back and then when into every cnreach and force connected. All were reconnected.. but manuals.. ill try to upgrade the cnReach radios but, it seems like cnMaestro is having an issue with that too.

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Hi there,

We are encountering the same issue.

Is your problem resolved?


I had to manually remove all the devices. changed from “industrial” to “Access and back-haul” and back.

After this the devices didn’t just show up in the on-boarding list. I have to login to each and force reconnect or retype the info so it would retry and now they are communicating.

Hi JosephI,

May i know few more details so that we can debug deep in to the issue to find the root cause.

Where have you encountered this issue Cloud or On-premise instance?

What message does the cnReach device UI shows when its not connecting to cnMaestro?



it was the On-premise instance.

I don’t remember what the message was at the moment. I think it was something along the lines of credentials issues… but it was connected with the same ones before and after.

When we upgraded cnMaestro to 2.2.1 r32 our cnReach devices did not connect. By deleting them in cnMaestro and then onboarding them again we were able to get them connected.


The EPs don't always end up being nested under the APs. If the EP is not affilliated with the AP in cnMaestro and I edit the AP to move it out of "Default" to a different cnMaestro network there's no way to put the EPs in the same network. And there's no way to edit the Network or AP that an EP is associated with, so if it doesn't happen automatically we're out of luck.

After powering EPs off and on I have seen them lose their AP affilliation when they come back up on cnMaestro. Our cnReach network is small now and it's no big deal to delete radios from cnMaestro and play with onboarding.but this will become a much bigger problem as our network grows.

On the plus side - the online and offline status changes for cnReach in cnMaestro are changing much more quickly so that cnMaestro now provides useful information about the status of cnReach radios.



Hi ,

Thanks for bringing the issue to our notice. There is a known issue for the connectivity of cnReach devices to cnMaestro server when the server is either rebooted or server upgrade is done. We will try to get this issue fixed at the earliest. 



Hi dworkman,

Irregularities in nesting of EP under AP arises when EP fails to obtain pmac. We can refer the events tab for update parent mac event. This is not consistent every time, As you said when devices gets rebooted then EP fails to nest under AP immediately but after 6-7 minutes it comes back under AP. Anyhow our team is looking at this issue and we will have a fix for this soon.