CNS 1.3.2 version issue when adding epmp devices on map


In our company currently we have CNS server version 1.3.2 (recently upgraded). It was upgraded because map was not working in previous versions, but it works on 1.3.2.

EPMP 1000 devices have 2.3 firmware.

After CNS server upgrade to version 1.3.2, database from previous version was restored. All EPMP devices were present but not all devices were shown on the map. After deleting one device from inventory of CNS, and re-adding it to CNS, EPMP device appeared on CNS map. After readding process, EPMP changed its working mode, it doesn't show anything (it doesn't show any configurable option on its main page -  except device coordinates, all fields on main page of EPMP GUI are blank).

I would like to mention that there is IP connectivity between CNS server and EPMP device.

We would like to know if there is some option on CNS that can disable this issue, or some other resolution? Which feature of CNS is responssible for this issue?



You have to upgrade CNS to After uphrade, you can apply hotfix provided for CNS Server MAP issue . It might solve your problem.