CNUT 2.2 - backward compatibility

We have several 2.4 AP’s and SM’s that are currently running 4.1.1 ( can you believe it? ) I can only find version 2.2 of CNUT on the website. Is it backward compatible or do I need to get 2.0 somewhere.

2.2 can only use PKg.2 files

you’ll need and older version of cnut along with pkg 1 files.

I have CNUT 2.2 and the pkg 1 files but i can’t locate CNUT 2.0 on motos website. Anyone have a download link?
user: canopy
pass: canopypass

um, this is possibly an oversight on my part or a very noobish question BUT is there any reason I can’t use CANOPY736_DES.pkg2 or CANOPY729_DES.pkg2 and CNUT 2.2 to upgrade from 4.1.1?