CNUT 2.2 Install Problem (ERROR: null)

I am trying to install CNUT 2.2 and keep getting the following error:

Canopy Network Updater Tool will be installed in the following location:

C:'CNUT22’ERROR: null

with the following features:

Network Updater

for a total size:

66.8 MB

If I click the Install button I get the following:

Errors occured during the installation.

* A file name cannot contain any of the following chracters::*?"
* |^!

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you reboot your system prior to attempting to use this program.

I have a previous version of CNUT installed; v1.10.b2.
It is located in
C:'Program Files’Motorola’CNUTv1_1

Even if I totally delete the previous installation, the version 2.2 installer always manages to detect “a previous version”.

Is there a way to clear all traces of CNUT 1.10.b2 (including Perl and Java) from the hard disk and the registry?
Will this allow me to install CNUT 2.2?

Has anyone got any other suggestions or work arounds?

Ultimately, I’d like to be able to run v1.1 and v2.2 (switching back to v1.1 when I need to upgrade with a pkg that is not v2), but I really need v2.2 running now! I can always run v1.1 in a virtual machine if I need it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome…

I have attempted to install v2.0 with the same result.
I found a post about removing leagcy registry entries from
but I didn’t have anything in that key.

I was not able to install CNUT on my primary computer due to the “ERROR: null” error. So I installed it on a secondary computer, copied the entire C:'Program Files’Motorola’Canopy’NetworkUpdater folder from the secondary computer to the primary computer. Then I executed the networkupdater.bat file to run CNUT. That fixed my problem.