CNUT 3 on 64 bit Linux variants, WORKING!

i was searching around to figure out whether or not CNUT would install on a 64 bit linux installation (it always failed for me, due to java errors during the first part of the install) and found that Motorola doesn’t support 64 bit operating systems, and doesn’t offer any help on installing on these distributions.

i found out why 64 bit wont work, basically the temporary java binaries that are installed are linked to 32 bit libraries, that obviously dont exist on a 64 bit installation of java/jre/jvm/etc.

it’s an EXTREMELY simple fix to get this to work, and motorola might want to think about noting this in the installation/help files:

install ia32-libs to get it working. (these are the i386/32bit runtime libraries for the 64 bit kernel)

on ubuntu/debian/etc “apt/synaptic” based disributions: just run “apt-get install ia32-libs”

on centos/etc “yum” distributions: run “yum install ia32-libs”

… and thats that.

CNUT is pure Java application. To support 64 bit operating system the only changes is to bundle the installer with a 64 bit JVM if required.

IMO whatever Linux distribution you are using should have installed ia32-libs by default. There are still very many applications left on 32-bit, such as JVMs that were built five years ago… :wink: