CNUT 4.6.9+ Windows 64bit - Manage Package Issue

I have been using CNUT 4.5 for a while now and decided to update to 4.7.4 for Windows 7 64 Bit.  Upon starting program it stalls for about a minute or two and then everything is fine.  Once I go into Manage Packages and select my packages I want to use.  I click close or X button at top right of the dialog box, it won't close.  The dialog box stays open  until I force task manager to terminate process.  I ran into the same issue with 4.6.9.  I downgraded back to 4.5.3 and found no issues.  No stalling when opening program up and or unable to close from the manage packages dialog box.  Does anybody else have this issue?  I noticed when running 4.6.9 or higher it was eating up about 500 megs of ram compared to 75 megs on 4.5.3.

No comment on the memory usage (never bothered) but I have, from time-to-time, noticed CNUT taking an inordinate amount of time to do various things with the Manage Packages window. Sometimes even just after selecting a package, sometimes hitting Close. Every time I've just waited it out and it eventually completed whatever it was hanging on.

We're aware of the stalling issue upon startup and will be addressing that in an upcoming release.  This should also address the freeze behavior you're seeing.  The updated software will be available on the Cambium Networks website early next week.