CNUT adding elements..

this is my prob…

I have already installed my CNUT w/ Perl and Java… so i think it is complete… and my prob is i can’t add Elements… Our server is connected into the Canopy Networks using the SM connected to it… is it possible to Update the whole canopy network through the SM? and do i have to configure SNMP? and how about the Hostname and IP add? is it okay if i don’t put Hostname on it… only IP? or it is important to configure both…

To use CNUT fully, you need to configure SNMP on each AP. Be sure the conputer running CNUT is on the subnet that you enter in the “Accessing Subnet” field.

ahh ic…

but what IP should be put?
what Subnet in the computer running CNUT? is it the Subnet mask?

and how about the SM’s? do i have to put subnets?

help pls.
: )