CNUT - ancient Java version

While troubleshooting a CNUT issue, we noticed that CNUT is ignoring the newer installed version of Java for an older, much outdated version.

It appears that CNUT comes prepackaged with SE 6 U 15, which is stored under _jvm of the NetworkUpdater directory.  This is highly concerning from a security standpoint because that version was released in 2009 and Java 6 is scheduled for end of support next month:

We would like to know:

1.  Is there currently any way to point CNUT to use a newer version of the JVM?

2.  What are the plans to ship an updated JVM with CNUT?

We were able to get CNUT running on version 1.8 with the below configuration:

1.  In the Network Updater directory, renamed _jvm to something else

2.  Copied the jre1.8.0_191 directory in C:/Program Files(x86)/Java to Network Updater directory and named it _jvm

However, CNUT updates should ship with the latest stable JRE version considering the generous backward compatibility of the platform.  A manual process should not be needed.

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