cnut and prizm 3.0

Does anybody know what are the steps to upgrade firmware on units with PRIZM 3.0?

Here is a short HOW TO that I emailed some of my guys last week:


There are many ways to find the radio you want to upgrade.
You can select it from your network view or you can find it.


Go to Network->Open a View->New

Click on No Criteria Specified.

This will open up a new window, click on No Criteria Specified in that window.

Under Element Type select Canopy Subscriber Module.

Under Element Attribute select Site Name.

Change the equals sign to a tilde ~ under that.

In the box next to the tilde put a percent sign and the customer name to search for like, “%joe shmoe”.

Click Ok, and then Click Ok again and the SM should show up in the list.

If it doesn’t you may have to modify or shorten the search criteria to something like “%joe” etc.


No matter how you get the view of the radio/sm you wish to upgrade, here is how to proceed.

Check mark the SM(s) that you wish to upgrade, right click on one of them and select Software Update->Update Device Firmware.

Go over to the Packages tab and select the package you want (currently 8.1.5, but you can select 8.2 or whatever is the latest if you wish).

If you don’t have any packages listed then you will have to download them on the Prizm server, load the Prizm client on the prizm server, navigate to this page, and add the packages by browsing to where you saved the pkg2 file to.

Select Run Now or Run Later.

The status window should tell you if the radio upgraded successfully.

Good luck, and don’t upgrade/downgrade the whole network mistakenly (like I accidentally started to do once upon a time…)!

I followed the steps and it worked. Thanks for your help.