CNUT Autoupdate Enable

I’m having trouble enabling autoupdate on our 5.2ghz APs using the CNUT. It immediatly pops up a window stating “No programmable Network Elements selected.” I was able to update the APs themselves, but it won’t let me enable the autoupdate so that I can update our SMs. CNUT does find the SMs when refreshing the network. The computer I’m trying to run this from connects through a VPN to the radios. Could it be something with the VPN? Its wide open between the two locations.

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It took a new set of eyes to see it, but the problem was that I wasn’t putting a checkmark next to the item to update. I was simply highlighting it and didn’t even see the place for the checkmarks. Hopefully this will help out someone else who may be having the same type of problem. :smiley: