CNUT Centos 5

I am trying to get CNUT2.2 to run under CentOS 5. The install went fine. When I go to execute networkupdater on a terminal it just returns to the terminal. I can not get the command to execute. Anyone have any suggestions? I am new to Linux.


had the same issue…drove me nuts…finally figured out you need to either run it as root or issue the command with su.

hope that helps.

No that still didn’t work.

Thanks though Sean.

Finally got the CNUT to work in Centos 5. Thanks for the work Craig.
The was missing and needed to be installed. Goto Add/Remove Software, search for libxp. When it is done searching, checkmark the libXp - 1.0.0-8.1.el5.i386, click on Apply. This will work when running as root.