CNut Errors

When I try to use CNUT to upgrade an AP from 7.0.7 to 7.3.6 I get the follwoing error message. “Cannot upgrade burnfile: burnfile Failed Output from Telnet session: burnfile Burn boot from file:APboot.bin Validating Boot File… fread() of BootHdr failed File:APboot.bin is not a valid image file:Telnet+>” .
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong. I have used CNUT on many occassions to upgrade SM’s, AP’s and BH’s. I am using CNUT 2.20r1 and the AP in question is a 2.4 GHz with a P9 board.

I had that happening, I reinstalled CNUT and it worked, that might be the hammer the tack in with a sledgehammer fix, but it worked

I tried your sugesstion but to no avail. I completely unistalled the CNUT and then resinstalled the package and retried to update the AP Rev 9. Any other suggestions?

I’m not sure of the actual upgrade procedure. But have you tryed going from 7.0.7 to say 7.1.4 or another firmware version before going to 7.3.6?

Technically you shouldn’t have to. You should be able to go from 7.x to 7.3.6 with no issues.

Also you may need CNUT1 to go from 7.0.7 to another version before 7.3.6. Something else to look at.

Epilog. I found in another thread that using Passive FTP for transfering files might solve my problem. Sure enough it worked and I have now updated these AP’s to 7.3.6.

I thank all who responded. I couldn’t have asked for a quicker response.