CNUT fails on auto update sm's

I am trying to use the CNUT program to bring all my SM’s up to 9.5 the AP upgraded succesfuly but i was unable to enable auto updateon the AP i am also unable to upgrade the SM’s individualy with CNUT. The AP returns the error 01/04/10 19:28:46 WARN Host:;ESN: 0A003E93FC75;Message: Timeout, no response from host. Check AutoUpdate server IP. (SITE= Sandflats) and the SM returns 01/04/10 19:30:21 WARN java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Address type ap unknown 01/04/10 19:30:22 INFO Host: AP:[].LUID:[011];ESN: 0A003E9408A7;Message: Checking Network Element Status (SITE= Jesus Castro) 01/04/10 19:30:22 WARN Host: AP:[].LUID:[011];ESN: 0A003E9408A7;Message: Unable to communicate with Network Element (Possibly Connect/Login Failure), status/version unknown (SITE= Jesus Castro)