CNUT mass firmware update in Lab

Is it possible to update a batch of radios on a lab switch through the ethernet port with CNUT? I know I can over the RF, but we are wanting to plug a bunch of radios into a poe switch when they come in and update all of them at once.

Yes, we have done multi unit updates this way several times for the same reason, but they SMs have to have unique IP addresses.

can the SMs get DHCP from the LAN port by default rather than getting into each radio and statically setting the IP

Direct upgrades of the SMs can be performed over ethernet via CNUT by entering the SM IP addresses into CNUT. The PC running CNUT needs to be connected to the SM switch.

DHCP can be used if set to Enabled and DHCP DNS IP Address is set to Obtain Automatically on the SM IP tab.