CNUT on Ubuntu Linux?

I understand that Linux support is probably hit and miss, (heck, Vista support took a while) but given how lightweight some Linux distros are compared to Vista, and how XP is on its way out, I’m thinking of going this route with a few of our older machines and laptops. I’m also particularly interested in using an EEEPC for installs too.

Anyone have much luck getting it to work? Work under Wine?

I am currently running CNUT on my ubuntu laptop, didn’t bother with wine I used the .bin RH installer and it runs perfectly for all of my needs, I havent tested all the functions but it is Java based so theres no reason it shoulden’t run.

Thanks, that’s good to know!

I am runnig CNUT 2.2 and 3 with the .bin file on Fedora Core 8 with no problems at all. Actually it runs faster than on a windows machine.