CNUT problems

I’ve try to upgrade all my 2.4gears with 7.2.9 yesterday.
Rightnow all the AP already run on ver 7.2.9.

I’ve try to enable auto update the SM from AP, but somehow it didnt work.
the message is: File Transfer Error: Connetion, File Space or Permission Error (SITE=xxx )

anyhelp would be appreciated

Did you use the .jar file? YOu cant upgrade the hardware ver. 8 gear like you do the 9. There is a new tool you have to use. Someone will most likely chime in and explain it better than I.


all my 24 canopy gear is not an advantage product, some of them is 051104 Hardware version, and the rest is 020205 version.
do i still need the external tool (.jar file)?

You don’t need the tool. I had the same problem and I solved it by using passive FTP. CNUT/Configure… Hope this works for you.