CNUT Schedule Network Update

Would it be possible to enhance the CNUT utility to allow for scheduled updating, without pop-up, so if we are scheduling this during the very early morning hours it can run unattended?
This used to work just fine. A while back release 16.1 came out (42 releases ago - haha) and CNUT had a new warning that popped up about incompatibility, and potentially stranding an SM. The other night, as advised by CN support, I attempted to downgrade some AP’s from v20.2.1b2 to v16.2.3.1. I scheduled the update in CNUT to trigger at 1 AM, but when I checked it at the start of my shift the next morning, I discovered no AP’s were upgraded and CNUT stalled waiting for me to acknowledge an incompatibility with v15.1.5 + v16.1.
Annoyed I was. Wishing for fix I am. Smart people I seek.
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