CNUT Updating Issues

I am using 1.10, I am trying to update all my radios to 7.36 so I can move to CNUT 2.x to upload 8.1x. The issue that I have is this and it drives me NUTS. I add a new network element say AP, I then click on the refresh the network element and it will find Auto-detected SM’s. I look at the list and choose all the ones that are say 7.2.9 . I then go to Update manage packages and choose 7.3.6 and choose update selected network elements. I always get the following message:

08/23/07 16:32:02 INFO DeviceStatus=Status:-1;HOST:AP:[].LUID:[020];ESN:0A003E92242A;Message:Unable to communicate with Network Element (Possibly Connect/Login Failure) ( SITE= Customer 01

SNMP settings are correct, evertyting, If I change the "Host Name on the Auto-Detected SM to the IP of that SM it works flawlessly each time.

I want to update my network without having to input each and every sm to upgrade them. I currently have 75+ access points and close to 5000 Sm’s?


Without the IP address of the SM, CNUT cannot directly update the SM. You should enable Autoupdate on the AP which will then update the SMs.