CNUT upgrade from 4.3 to 7.3

Just picked up some used 5.7 P8 units…can"seem to upgrade from 4.3 to7.3.6 and then forward. Any suggestions? Also wondering if 5700 P8, P9 non advantage SM’s will connect to 5750 Advantage AP?



If you are on 4.3 you will need to upgrade in the following order:

4.3 > 6.1 > 7.0.7 > 7.2.9 > 7.3.6

You will need to install CNUT version 2 to do this.

And yes you can use (99% sure) a non-advantage P8 or P9 with an Advantage AP. You just have to makes sure the SM is in hardware mode. You will need to use CNUT to upgrade the P8 radios to hardware scheduling.

Thanks…I’ll try that.