what are the plans for the future of the CNUT (and are there any plans for a name change… CNUT just doesn’t have that “tech” feel)?

on my installation of the CNUT i see all “discovered” SMs as their LUID and MAC address… is there any plan to have these discovered devices show by their own IP?

would it be possible to add a feature to the CNUT for monitoring purposes? there are lots of questions in the forum about the “best” monitoring software for canopy, and i personally think the CNUT could be upgraded to keep everything in a canopy network in one organized place.

could a feature be added to open the devices web interface from a hyperlink in the CNUT display list?

lastly… when maximizing the CNUT it becomes a full screen application. what is the reasoning behind this? could it be fixed to maximize regularly so multitasking is still possible? this is more necessary when running a separate monitoring software on the same server.

there’s just a few ideas i’ve had this morning :slight_smile:

The intended name is Canopy Network Update Tool, it wasn’t meant to be called CNUT. It just worked that way. I dont think there will be a name change.

The rest of the features you suggested were already in discussion for future releases.

The window sizing issue is a java configuration.

How many versions of CNUT is there. I have the original CNUT version, has there been modifications since the very first version?