cnVision Configuration Question - Clients as Hubs?

Looking through the cnVision webiste, it mentions that the Client Micro and Client Mini "can also act as HUB". Is there a particular advantage for using either the Client Micro/Mini as a hub version the HUB 360r for example? I understand that with the HUB FLEXr I have the options for antennas, but is there any other features/functionalities that a HUB provides that I should be using the HUB part numbers paired with the Clients?

Thanks again for your help!

The idea for the micro/mini to work as a hub is that you have the same unit that can work as a hub or client. It really boils down to how much coverage you want. The micro and the mini has 30 and 15 degree azimuth coverage so its not a super wide coverage. On the other hand, the Flexr allows you 3rd party antennas and flexibility of wider coverage. The 360r gives you about 120 degree coverage but keep in mind that the gain of the antenna is low so distances will have to be short.