cnVision Unboxing and Introduction Video

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Hi, great introduction.  However the audio quality is not good (hollow and far away).  As a result it made listening and appreciating this new product and understanding it very difficult to follow.  Can you remake or post with better audio to accompany the video.  Additionally, can you have the camera person zoom-in to the product/s.  For instance when talking about the material written on to the packaging, it would have been great to see it up close rather than having to imagine about it.

Seems to be a rushed video just to post for content, rather than quality and content.  Not expected from Cambium and Sakid Ahmed.

Will do. Not a rush job but lack of proper equipment. I am now ashamed and will move to do something of better quality shortly. 


Thank you, a followup video would be great and most helpful.  More important than a clear picture is very clear sound.