cnWave E2E Controller on Raspberry Pi?

Today I have taken delivery of my cnWave “Starter Bundle” and I’m finding it a little challenging and frustrating

The onboard E2E Controller on the V500 is currently enabled and linked to my cloud account on cnMaestro but I’m just finding it to be fragile and temperamental.

After doing some reading it seems that the preferred option is to have an external E2E controller running at the site, I don’t have the power budget or space for a full on VM box but could easily accommodate a RaspPi 4B+ or similar, will the on prem cnMaestro and E2E Controller functions.

If so, is there an install guide for this that I can follow?

Cambium support is pretty helpful with this. Unless you have a certain number of units, you do not need an E2E controller. The external controller is only available as a VM and has specific requirements.

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The internal controller can be used for up to 20 nodes alone with the POP/DN running the E2E controller. So ideal for PTP, Simple Hub and Spoke PMP and even small Mesh networks. You can manage this using the OnBoard GUI or utilise cnMaestro Cloud or OnPremise depending what’s easiest for you and what scale you wish to deploy now and in the future.

We have prepared 4 video’s to help with different deployment:

  • 60GHz cnWave: Installing a Standalone PTP Link
  • 60GHz cnWave: Installing a Relay Topology
  • 60GHz cnWave: Installing an External E2E & cnMaestro Managed Network
  • Precision Bracket Assembly

These video’s can all be found in the Cambium Learning Centre:

If you look at these they should be able to help with the basic’s, if not please come back to the forum and the team will be happy to help.

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I have now got it working with the onboard controller

But for future larger deployments can I run the controller on something small such as a RaspPI or is it X86 VMs only?