cnWave + Outdoor WiFi 6 Design Guide?

Hi Cambium in the recent webinars that have been shared there were a couple of slides regarding Multi-Gigabit Campus Networks. Are there any good design guides how to deploy these in production.Most of my sites are usually more outdoor/industrial than campus to campus buildings but shouldn’t make a huge difference.Obviously the WiFi 6 will be used to serve phones,tablets,laptops and industrial sensors and let the 60 Ghz backhaul data to the DC.

I have a couple of industrial sites that are running in meshed config and want to move them to this style of design with V5000 + V3000/V1000 nodes for throughput reasons as the mesh gets really slow due to shared capacity.

Hello djdrastic,

Please find attached a preview of a blog we are about to publish on how we are using cnWave in a harsh industrial site to provide WiFi backhaul.

Class-1-Freight-Rail-Operator-Deploys-Multi-Gbps-60-GHz-cnWave-at-Major-Yardr1.pdf (1.2 MB)

They have many of these networks all managed by cnMaestro.

From this you can see how they have utilised the cnWave distributed network to provide a robust redundant backhaul to the WiFi APs they are powering directly from the Aux port of the V5000. In addition to that where you may need a LAN connection the use of the V1000 / 3000 CN gives you an option to provide that.

The two technologies together work really well, given the coverage and availability, the way these deployments are designed follow the same steps as a WiFi network. Ensure you have the WiFi Coverage you need and you will find the V5000 ideal to collocate.

LINKPlanner is also a great resource, the latest builds since 5.5.0 support the distributed network planning model so you can design and generate BOMs.

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Hi Antony thanks for this.
That almost exactly matches my use case.

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