cnWave Power

I found another post that the v1000 and v3000 can take PoE in? Can the v5000 take active PoE in? I am being told cambium injectors will not be available until the new year.

I tried it on 90watt ++/bt and it DOES work. Support said passive only… ha

Hello Dave,

On the Cambium POE injectors, there are many available which can be used on the V5000 and should be available in distribution:

N000000L142 - PoE, 60W, 56V, 5GbE DC Injector, Indoor, Energy Level 6 Supply
C000000L141 - PoE, 60W, 56V, 10GbE DC Injector, Indoor, Energy Level 6 Supply

Worst case the V5000 needs ~35W.

As for the .3bt supply working, it really depends on the device you used. The port could be making the device think its an .3at device and that would be switching on the supply but at what power? Now it is only providing 30W or allowing more. If you have a short cable, room temperature and low power that would work.

What .3bt device are you using and what does it believe it’s powering?

We ran 23awg cat6 about 100 ft to the radio. This 90w bt injector does not have status lights to show what is being negotiated. NO aux port in use. If this will not be good long term I need what options we have for DC as this site is rigged at 48v DC.

Hello Dave,

What is the problem, is the Radio working, do you have details of the device you are using?

We support both mode-A and mode-B simultaneously with 4-pair powering.

Mode-A 1,2 +ve & 3,6 -ve
Mode-B 4,5 +ve & 7,8 -ve

In addition to the POE devices the V5000 can be powered off a 48V DC supply. You have the choice of using either the Cat6 cable or we have an adapter C000000L184A that will allow you convert AWG16 twin cable (AWG 14-16) to an RJ45.