cnWave PTP using cnMaestro

PTP topology contains 2 nodes, PoP node and a CN. PoP can be visualized as PTP master and CN as PTP slave

:point_right: Before starting with the procedure, make sure E2E and cambium cnMaestro are installed and running in PC and also make sure E2E is synced with cnMaestro

Once cnMaestro is up and running, login to cnMaestro GUI and start configuration as stated below

1. Add PoP site in cnMaestro

Add Site for both PoP and CN as suggested by navigating to Manage->E2E network. Click on 3 dots to see Add Site option

Add site name for PoP and fill all the remaining details. You can also drag the site using the map in cnMaestro or search the location in “Search Address” option

2. Add CN site

Similarly add CN site

3. Add PoP node to PoP site

Expand E2E to see the added sites

Click on Add Node option and fill all the parameters. Click on “PoP Node” filed check box to configure PoP Parameters. Make sure E2E and PoP are in same network or routable in order to establish communication

4. Configure PoP params, E2E settings and Network settings in PoP node GUI

There are 2 ways to do this.

1st way: This is a simple way. We can simply download PoP onBoarding config from cnMeastro and then upload the same to PoP directly without the need of configuring manually in PoP.

i) First download PoP onBoarding config from cnMaestro. Click on 3 dots to see the option

ii) Uploading the file to PoP node

Now access PoP node web GUI using IP address with admin/admin credentials and then navigate to Quick Start page. Click on “Import OnBoarding Config” option and then upload the file which was downloaded in previous step

2nd way: We can also configure PoP Parameters, E2E settings and Network settings manually in PoP GUI

PoP node should come up in Green once device gets onboarded to cnMaestro

5. Add CN node to CN site similarly(Don’t check on PoP node option)

6. Add wireless link between PoP and CN

Depending on the alignment and LOS, select respective node sectors mac address to add wireless link

There are 2 ways to add link

1st way: E2E Network → Configuration→ Links


2nd way: Expand network, expand PoP site then click on 3 dots of nodes to see Add Link option


A-node will be selected automatically in this case as we are adding link from node tab.

Once wireless link is up, link in cnMaestro will show as Green. Once the CN is onboarded, CN will also show as Green