cnWave PTP

Can we use 2 nos. V3000 or 2 nos. V1000 to form a PTP link nowadays to provide Gigabit throughput between two locations with short distance ?

Hello Tony,

You can use both the V3000 and V1000 as PTP links, both can provide IPv4 or IPv6 bridges.

There are a number of Knowledge base articles on this and a video guide for an IPv4 setup:

Of course with the the V3000, depending what region you are in and the availability you’re looking for those links can be quite a distance. LINKPlanner will be able to help simulate and plan this if you would like to check this out before hand.


I am not sure that 2 v1000 can provide ptp link (right now).
Support says it will be possible with new firmware in jan or feb but no new firmware on support pages on march 10th…

PTP with 2 V1000s is supported. You can use Release 1.0 or 1.0.1 beta 5