cnWave required SNR

We are testing the cnWave (V5000, V3000 and V1000) at the moment, and it looks very promising. One thing I have’nt been able to find, is what minimum SNR is to expect a stable link?

I read somewhere on the forum that when the SNR drops below 20dB, it gets unstable, but when I test it (more or less real-world), I only get SNR at 6-12dB and the link actually looks quite good (V5000->V1000 at about 150m)…

Hope someone can help me?

Hello rambern,
The thermal noise floor is about -80 dBm on a 2 GHz channel, and from my experience, it looks like the noise figure is about 7 dB, so the effective noise floor is about -73 dBm. When the v5000 is configured with both sectors same channel, same polarity. different Golay codes, and the connected CN’s on same channel, opposite polarity, same Golay code as the sector they are connected, you can pass 500-900 Mb/s traffic to the v1000 at 12 dB SNR (equates to RSSI of -60 dBm approx). I’ve found the links very stable.

On a V5000 to V5000 link, since you are creating the mesh with that, I’d make sure the RSSI was -55 dBm or higher to pass as much traffic as possible over the mesh - that’s where the 20 dB SNR recommendation comes from. Like any PtMP system, the higher the SNR, the more traffic passes over the network.

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Thanks! That was just as clear answer as I was hoping for :+1:

I’m not used to working with SNR as low as 7-12dB, as we only have been using 5Ghz…

Once again - thanks for clearing this up!