cnWave Starter Kit

Hi all, looking to jump into this cnWave 60ghz game. I am looking to deploy in rural town/urban setting and wondering if any tutorials are posted and looing for some real world results from anyone on here that is using the product. I am really intrigued but just wondering about allowed distances between distribution nodes and also distances from node to SM. How does 60ghz perform in closer proximity but with trees/obstructions, NLOS and nLOS?

Thanks in advance!

So the first step is to sign up for the cnWave starter kit. Then, you should be contacted by your Cambium RSM to get the pricing exception generated so you can buy it at a discount from the distributor of your choice. Ask the RSM to schedule some time with your regional technical manager (RTM) to go over cnWave’s idiosyncrasies along with best practices and training materials.

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It’s great equipment, very fast, but it absolutely will not work in anything but a Clear LOS situation.
As an example, rain and snow can cause the links to drop, so I wouldn’t recommend it for nLOS or NLOS.