cnWave System Release 1.0.1 has been released

cnWave 60GHz System Release 1.0.1 has been released. Find the firmware and full release notes at

Problems corrected in official 1.0.1 since 1.0.1-beta6

Issue number Products Description
60 GHz cnWave-2003 All 1G SFP link did not come up unless auto-negotiation on router/switch was turned off. After this fix, auto-negotitation should be used
60 GHz cnWave-1900 All Upgrading nodes from onboard E2E UI in Safari browser did not work.
60 GHz cnWave-1926 All Rebooting the cnWave device from the UI did not work occasionally.
60 GHz cnWave-1942 All SNMPv2 did not work with IPv4 address.
60 GHz cnWave-1980 All After software upgrade, the UI dashboard displayed Failed to fetch sector information error for a couple of minutes.
60 GHz cnWave-2008 All Improved MCS 10,11, 12 performance.
60 GHz cnWave-2035 All In V1000, packet loss is seen occasionally.
60 GHz cnWave-2055 All Scheduled Beam Adjustment scan is supported.