cnWave System Release 1.2.1 has been released

cnWave 60GHz System Release 1.2.1 has been released. Find the firmware and full release notes at Log In / Cambium Networks Support

:point_right: cnMaestro version 3.1.0 (or higher) is compatible with this release
:point_right: Upgrade the External E2E controller first and then the nodes (where External E2E is used)
:point_right: When using onboard controller, its recommended to upgrade the whole mesh together.

This release has no new features.

Problems corrected in System Release 1.2.1

Issue Number Products Description
60 GHz cnWave-2595 All When DHCPv6 Relay was enabled, the local time at the CN or DN node jumped forward on every DHCPv6 lease renewal.
60 GHz cnWave-2614 All When Management VLAN was configured on PoP nodes, the L2 GRE tunnel failover did not work when a CN or DN reached the tunnel endpoint PoP through another PoP.
60 GHz cnWave-2616 All Enabled the SSH command from the CLI.
60 GHz cnWave-2626 All Could not click the Enable button when setting up the Onboard E2E Controller. This issue was observed after an upgrade from a factory clean 1.0 to 1.2.
60 GHz cnWave-2629 All Sometimes, the links did not form between the nodes when the wireless security was enabled.
60 GHz cnWave-23810 All Sometimes, the devices did not onboard to the cnMaestro Cloud.
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