Co-locate ePMP1000/2000 and PMP450i

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere before.

Is it possible to sync ePMP1000/2000 with PMP450i?

I see there are guides for co-locating PMP100 and ePMP1000, as well as co-locating PMP100 with PMP450 but nothing on co-locating ePMP1000 with PMP450, unless I missed it.



At this time, sync between ePMP and PMP450 is not officially supported by Cambium. That being said it still might be possible as sync between PMP100 and ePMP is possible, and sync between PMP100 and PMP450 is possible. Using a mix of timing settingsĀ derivedĀ from syncing ePMP with PMP100, it might be possible to get close to syncing with PMP450. I don't believe I've seen any posts regarding this though, and I do not know of anyone that's tried this.