Co-located LTE frame config option

Working on a small config to enable co-lo LTE that’s getting crammed in beside my 450’s. I’ve found everything else I need, I think:

"apRadioConfig": {
  "radioControlSlots": ###,
  "radioMaxRange": ###,
  "radioDownlinkPercent": ###,
  "framePeriod": ###,

Where or what is the “Co-located LTE frame config option” label in the config?

Also, can someone confirm “framePeriod”, that should be 0 for 2.5ms and 1 for 5ms, right?

I went to go push the LTE co-lo mode with a config template via cnMaestro, but the LTE co-lo config doesn’t exist in the 450 AP config file at all. I thought this was fixed months ago, but no, still not there as of 20.2 official. I don’t see it on 20.2.1-beta3 either. SNMP push script took care of it though.

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Ah, okay, thanks George. I ran a diff between two AP’s and still didn’t see it so glad I’m not just crazy.

Speaking of going crazy, I can’t speak for new firmware, but having to change to 5ms, and reboot just to see the co-lo setting is nuts. It should be greyed out or something maybe? I thought I had the wrong firmware or incompatible hardware or something the first time I went to enable co-lo last year.


I can confirm that framePeriod of 0 is for 2.5ms and 1 is 5ms.

In regards to LTE Co-location, as a part of the 20.1 release the GUI was updated such that this option is always displayed for 3GHz, but greyed out when operating with 2.5ms frame. LTE co-location is not available in the config file. I have created an issue to add it.


Sounds good, thanks!