Co-locating ePMP and PMP450 with CMM4


Is there any documentation available that describes what is needed to co-locate ePMP and PMP450 with CMM4?

I understand that from the ePMP family, only ePMP Connectorised with Sync has the ability to receive timing from CMM4.

Can we use the ACPS120W to provide power to the CMM4 and, thus, the PMP450 AP and ePMP?



i just found out that since we are using CMM4 to power both 30V (PMP450 AP) and 56V (ePMP Connectorised with Sync) radios, we need to use 30 VDC and 54 VDC power supplies at the CMM4.

So my new question is can we just use the 1 power supply to cover both PMP450 and ePMP since the ePMP supports 23 to 56 V?


Hi  Eddie,

We need both 29V and 56v power supply to power up the cmm4. please refer the screenshot attached.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.

That's not strictly true.  The CMM4 itself can run on either voltage, but it can only supply voltages to the APs that are connected to it.  Thus, if you are using both 30V and 56V APs, you need both power supplies.  If you were only using 30V APs, you'd only need a 30V power supply.

The 30 VDC supply for the CMM4 will support powering of both the ePMP and PMP 450 APs.

What you will not be able to do is to properly synchronize the frames (if they are in the same frequency band). Provided the equipment is being used in different bands (e.g. PMP 450 in 5.8 GHz, ePMP in 2.4 GHz), this is no issue.

Based on the recent power supply change, you'd no longer order the ACPS120WA, but now the N000000L055A.

Please see the updated PMP Synchronization Solutions User Guide available here

Here is a thread with some additional helpful information regarding using a CMM with the ePMP radios:

And another (eerily similar) article on powering PMP 450 platform products using the CMM4:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for this info.  So, is there no way to synchronize ePMP and PMP450 if they are in the same band connected to CMM4?

By the way, I am using the old ACPS120W-02A to provide power to CMM4.  Connected to the CMM4 I have a PMP450 AP and ePMP Connectorised with sync.

The PMP450 and ePMP Connectorised with Sync power up with 29V configured on the CMM ports.  If i try to power up the ePMP Connectorised with Sync I get an error on that port:  "Power fault on port:1   Please check the devices and port configurations."


excuse the final statement in my previous post... it should read...

If i try to power up the ePMP Connectorised with Sync using 56V config (instead of 29V), I get an error on that port:  "Power fault on port:1   Please check the devices and port configurations."  I then change it back to 29V and all is fine.



Yes, this makes a lot more sense...

The Cambium-style 56 VDC is NOT the same pinout as 802.3af (or 802.3at) PoE standards.

The ePMP product supports the 29.5 (aka 30) VDC or PoE 802.3af standard, but when you try to use 56 VDC (with the Cambium pinout) the failure would be expected. 

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