Coastal Exclusion Zone ---> Protection Zone ... when?

We're near the coast/navigable rivers, and thus part of our network is within the Exclusion Zone. (Here's a KML for the curious:

We tried to register this AP last night, and got the message below. After doing some more reading, it appears that the Exclusion Zones aren't permanent. Has anyone heard when or if these changes are coming, so we can continue to use equipment we already have deployed and operating in 3650-3700?



Exclusion Zone. A geographic area wherein no CBSD shall operate.  Exclusion Zones shall be enforced and maintained by the SAS.  Exclusion Zones will be converted to Protection Zones following the approval and commercial deployment of an ESC and SAS consistent with this part. [Source: FCC rules]

Protection Zone. A geographic area wherein CBSDs may operate only with the permission of an approved SAS and ESC. [Source: FCC rules]



The zone actual goes right though one of the counties we currently are Grandfathered Wireless until June. My concern is that we have customers that are 10-15miles North of the zone. I had heard last year that we may want to use caution if we are near this zone. Do we know for sure the zone limitations or expectations for customers near the zone? 

Our issue actually turned out to be proximity to a Grandfathered Earth Satellite Station. We were requesting a channel in the upper 50 MHz (which are still apparently protected for these operators). Google SAS support instructed us to simply request in the lower 100 MHz and we were able to get a grant after the 5AM CPAS (aka the nightly interference calculation that occurs if you are near enough to the coastal areas.

It has been pointed out (by those much smarter than me) that the KML linked above has no bearing on the current CBRS deployments, and is not relevant to how the SAS coordinates requests.

Costal Exclusion Zones were defined under Part 90 rules, and may now be different under Part 96 (and referred to as Dynamic Protection Areas, DPA).

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