Collapse 90 degrees area into 2 AP


I have a 120/90 area with one EPMP 2000 AP which is congested, can I put another AP covering the same area or overlapping it on another channel without any problem? I am using bearmforming as well.


Yes, this should work fine. If you plan on using channels that are close to each other, you should use GPS sync on both radios, and use a minimum 5mhz guard band between channels.

Check out THIS forum post for more information on GPS sync and guard bands.


just as Eric explained, you can actually do this as many times as you like provided you have enough spectrum, use GPS sync and include your guard bands.   

I'd recommend setting up preferred APs on your cpes so you can control where they lock so you don't end up with every cpe jumping on 1 AP at some point in time. 

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