Collocating AP/SM in same band

I’ve seen threads here that talk about collocating APs and BHs in the same band, but what about collocating an AP and SM in the same band. Moto tech support tells me that it can’t be done.

Have any of you collocated an SM that fed throughput and sync to a remote AP in the same band? If so, how’s that link been working for you? Any advice, tips, etc? Any feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have about 4 of them running now, and will be deploying another 4 in the next few days.

Keep the frequencies far apart as possible.

As much Vertical seperation as possible.

The SM will always have a reflector.

If possible try to get something solid between the two like one on each side of a building.

It can be done, and they are stable once you get it right.

Watch out for if the SM is turned off and the AP is rebooted it will detect the sunc cable and if the SM is off, it thinks its a default cable, hence goes into default mode.

Been thete, done that…it does work, but make sure you have the SM as far away from the AP as you can.
The physical separation is a great idea!!!

Thanks guys :smiley: I actually have an SM collocated with an AP right now, but the SM is only providing sync not throughput. So far, I haven’t had any problems either, but my network if fairly small right now (1 full cluster serving 4 SMs, 1 stand alone AP serving 1 SM).

The SM will always have a reflector.

The band I have is in 5.2. I thought I read somewhere that 5.2 can’t have reflectors. Is that right? Anyway, the collocated AP/SM setup I would be doing (providing sync and throughput) is less than 1 mile from our full cluster, so a reflector wouldn’t be necessary anyway, but I’m still curious about reflectors and 5.2. Can anyone shed some light on that? :?