colocate with Waverider???

Does anyone have any experience running both Canopy and Waverider 900 meg gear on the same tower? Do they get along, can you GPS sync waverider, what kind of physical separations are required? Frequency separation?

I work for a Wireless ISP that uses Canopy 5.2 or 5.7 to feed the towers the had both WaveRider 900 MHz and Canopy 2.4 or Canopy 5.2 or Canopy 5.7 transmitters. Personally I don’t know of a way to do the GPS sync between the two though. But, for the most part, yes they do work well together. We’ve done things from using BackHauls to using SM’s to feed the towers. Keep in mind, WaveRider needs a max of 2.5 MB transfers. Canopy you can easily push 3mb to 5mb speeds without too much of an issue.

Hopes this helps…