CoLocating BH & APs using same Frequency Band

Anyone have experience colocating BHs & APs using the same frequency band but different channels? Will this work without 100ft of vertical separation?

In theory it should work as long as you’re only using non-overlapping channels. Although, the manual for 5.2 mentions something about 20MHz seperation if using a CMM.

What frequency?

Are you using a CMM?

How many APs are you going to install?

Are the APs in a cluster?

Are you using reflectors on the back hauls?

These are all very important questions…

5.7 BHs and APs

Everything is timed off of a CMM

1- 20Meg BH pointed north colocated to 1- 10meg BH point north, same vertical height, 4ft vertical separation

1- 10M BH pointed northwest colocated horizontally 10ft below, 20ft vertical separation.

1- 5.7 AP 100ft vertical separation pointed SouthEast

All will be run at different channels with 20Mhz separation…

Seems to me this should work fine, of course the Canopy support line is NO you must use different freq bands if collocating APs & BHs…which I do not understand the logic behind that statement…

Any idea what the ramifications are?

Reflectors on ALL

The frame structure is different in point-to-point (BH’s) and point-to-multipoint environments and this causes an issue when mixing BH’s and AP’s. Even though you use GPS sync the frame difference will cause issues in a co-located environment.

It may be a little easier to do since you have only 3 units. I would suggest using 5.735 on the 20MB BH, 5.775 on the 10MB BH, and 5.840 on the AP. Then do the following on the AP & BH’s:

Click on status, then click on Expanded Stats, then click on status again. At the bottom of the status page you will now see up and down control slot information. You will want to get these figures to match as close as possible on both the AP’s and the BH’s. This will help to co-locate AP’s and BH’s.