Colocation of 5.7 ghz V-pol Ap and H-pol AP on same tower?

Has anyone tried or had success with colocating a H-pol 5.7 ghz AP with a cluster of 6-60 degree V-pol 5.7 ghz AP’s to help alleviate a crowded AP? The cluster is using three non-overlapping frequencies back to back.

We are also interested in H-pol canopy, but they disappeared from market ages ago… :frowning:

In CH I heard that they have successfully run test with 27 AP (H-pol + V-pol) on one roof.

They are still listed on Moto online and Lastmile gear website

It will work fine. Just don’t use antennas to far off spec from motos stock antenna… also make sure your cross pol discrimination is high as possible. We have a tower with 18 900 aps top set is h pol middle os v and bottom is h… 200’ diffrence from top and bottom clusters we also use the sync pipe product and make all the cat five runs the same length to make sure our timing was dead on.

How in the world are you getting 18 AP’s working together? Do you have high re-reg counts on your SM’s? We have a couple of towers with 4 900 AP’s and the self generated interference is difficult to over come. how many mhz apart do you keep them?

at 440’ we have a 6 pack of 900 APs,
at 430’ we have a 6 pack of 900 Conectorized with 11 DB verical pol 30 degrees off set from the top horizontal cluster and used the odd freqency to the 2 above APs example if the top horizontal AP at 0 degrees north is 906 and the AP at 60 degrees is 915 the verical AP below will be facing 30 degrees and set to 924.

the bottom set is at 220 or 210 i don’t remeber but a few hundread feet down the tower and is horizontal pol.

no problems with sessions or syncing but we have a huge distance between them. also the bottom APs match the azmoth aims of the top H pol group on diffrent freqs.
you will have trouble if you can hear two APs at the same pol at a similar power. you must keep 10db or so diffrence for the SMs to be happy if you are going to use the same freq. same rules apply with the APs. power management is KEY for this setup to work.

we don’t use CMM for timing. we use sync pipe and all 18 APs are timed from the same GPS antenna and all APs have the same wire lenigh. if you are getting self interference i’m going to guess you don’t have it timed or if you do, you don’t have the panels back to back, you have them staggered and they are catching each others lobes. thats a no no.